Definition of abjectly in US English:



  • See abject

    • ‘About time all those who voted for him abjectly expressed their apologies to the coming generation of young citizens.’
    • ‘You can't have a show called Politically Incorrect and then abjectly apologize for not being PC.’
    • ‘He said the State had abjectly failed the workers and their families, some 100,000 people.’
    • ‘And in the penultimate of his thirty-six pages he confessed abjectly: ‘The evil of the unequal distribution is still to be solved.’’
    • ‘By any intelligent standard, we are failing abjectly.’
    • ‘Not only did the footballers perform abjectly, but their attitude was all wrong.’
    • ‘Three days later they played abjectly in Croatia and lost 1-0.’