Definition of a tight corner (or spot or place) in US English:

a tight corner (or spot or place)


  • A difficult situation.

    ‘her talent for talking her way out of tight corners’
    • ‘But he's clearly not naive enough not to recognise he's in a tight corner.’
    • ‘I understood perfectly well that I was in a tight spot.’
    • ‘We're in a bit of a tight spot but we're going to have to go out and battle.’
    • ‘My situation left me in a tight spot for consideration: lose a possibly extremely lucrative affair, or risk the permanent loss of my only daughter.’
    • ‘Sometimes when I find myself in a tight corner, I can calm down and relax.’
    • ‘He doesn't hate you, he's grateful to you for helping us out of a tight spot.’
    • ‘Since the third member of the three-man crew was also on leave, it left the department in a tight spot.’
    • ‘You're in a tight place: you're losing money, and because your machines can only hold a few cans at a time, they're generally sold out.’
    • ‘And I wouldn't want to end up in a tight spot if I did meet anyone.’
    • ‘But soon he found himself caught in a tight corner.’
    problematic, tricky, delicate, sensitive, controversial, awkward, prickly, thorny
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