Definition of a skosh in US English:

a skosh


  • Somewhat; slightly.

    ‘it's a skosh more formal than one might like’
    • ‘But surely they could have found someone just a skosh more intimidating to play ‘Drake’ aka Dracula.’
    • ‘Alec Baldwin looks a skosh too male-model handsome as the rough-and-tumble Robicheaux.’
    • ‘But no matter how wonderful everything is, there's always one little thing that could have made things just a skosh more perfect, isn't there?’
    • ‘It's a skosh more resonant than you'd expect, but still pretty thin and static.’
    • ‘The transfer is of the same quality as the theatrical cut on the single-disc DVD, perhaps a skosh better.’
    • ‘It was a skosh stressful, but very successful and productive on the work front.’
    • ‘Having taken a skosh more love than he's made, Judge Steve Evans fears instant Karma is going to get him.’
    • ‘And I'm just a skosh worried that taxing power to fund squirrel education or mollusk abatement programs might be added onto my ISP bill.’
    • ‘Today I tried on my black slacks, and they are just a skosh too tight.’
    • ‘It's a vertical row; I sort of needed it to be a skosh wider.’