Definition of a piece of cake in US English:

a piece of cake


  • Something easily achieved.

    ‘I never said that training him would be a piece of cake’
    • ‘So as long as you possess inner peace, are touched by genius and have the bravery of a lion, then closing the deal is a piece of cake.’
    • ‘An easy trouble-free week where you can't put a foot wrong and whatever you undertake turns out to be a piece of cake.’
    • ‘If he had encountered a challenge like this in his early years, Magellan would surely have found Cape Horn a piece of cake.’
    • ‘I'm a computer tech and I can tell you that hacking into the vote tabulations would be a piece of cake.’
    • ‘The straps slid off easily, and from there the rest was a piece of cake.’
    • ‘For a man who has climbed to the summit of Mount Everest, taking part in Sligo's Walking Week must have been a piece of cake.’
    • ‘Now in the middle of it, it's not exactly a piece of cake, and you don't always feel good, believe me.’
    • ‘The third-graders found their words a piece of cake, flying through the final round.’
    • ‘Getting a table at his restaurant would be a piece of cake, rather than a three-month wait.’
    • ‘OK, so arriving there by road is a pain but once you've entered the terminal building it's a piece of cake.’
    • ‘Worth striving for, certainly, but no piece of cake for anyone to achieve.’
    • ‘Okay, so bits of the tale are a bit scary but compared to what most kids see these days it's a piece of cake (no pun intended).’
    • ‘If you have a horse to carry them for you, it's a piece of cake.’
    • ‘One day a friend had said he'd gotten a little bit rich gutting salmon in Alaska - and it was a piece of cake.’
    • ‘We were scared and you were doing it like it was just a piece of cake.’
    • ‘It's hardly comforting to learn this same public servant now views the venture as a piece of cake.’
    • ‘When it comes to managing a full time job and performing, Stefan reckons it's a piece of cake.’
    • ‘It wasn't a piece of cake, but it honestly wasn't hard and I was fully operational by the second day.’
    • ‘It's a piece of cake for his students to outplay those older teachers of the school who also come to learn Go at his class, Liu said.’
    • ‘The media makes it seem like a piece of cake to just up and marry and all of a sudden you're a citizen, which is also not true.’
    • ‘One easy transfer and a stop about a block from my hotel made it a piece of cake.’
    • ‘I have to keep in mind that I lost 50 pounds my senior year in college, so this is a piece of cake.’
    • ‘And both are a piece of cake - like playing Snap fast, a game at which, fortunately, I excel.’
    easy task, easy job, child's play, nothing, five-finger exercise, gift, walkover, sinecure
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