Definition of a man's man in US English:

a man's man


  • A man who is more popular and at ease with other men than with women.

    • ‘He's a man's man, he admits, which is no doubt why his friends have lasted longer than his lovers.’
    • ‘He's very much a man's man, living in a cabin in the woods and driving around in a truck, but he's plagued by life getting in the way of his job.’
    • ‘Allegedly, women today don't want a sensitive, caring partner, they want a butch, tough, man's man.’
    • ‘He's such a man's man, but at the same time he writes with such tenderness and feeling.’
    • ‘He was that rare mix of man's man and matinee idol.’
    • ‘Ritchie enjoys a reputation as a man's man: a hard-working, all-action, shooting, fishing sort of a chap who has knocked about a bit and can look after himself.’
    • ‘He's a man's man with a notoriously robust attitude to women.’
    • ‘Despite his good behaviour nowadays, he remains very much a man's man.’
    • ‘Joe was practical, a man's man; friendly in a blustering sort of way and always happy.’
    • ‘If it wasn't for football, I would definitely not be as close to my dad John as I am, because he's a man's man.’