Definition of a clean bill of health in US English:

a clean bill of health


  • A declaration or confirmation that someone is healthy or that something is in good condition.

    ‘a survey gave the property a clean bill of health’
    • ‘Simon Townsend, manager of the water monitoring branch, says the Territory's distinctive weather patterns could be one reason behind the clean bill of health.’
    • ‘The accounting procedures have gotten a clear bill of health following the long and intense investigation by the New York State Attorney General's office.’
    • ‘Traffic commissioner Beverley Bell ordered a review of the council's systems but an inspection by the freight transport association in February gave it a poor bill of health.’
    • ‘Our client said, ‘Attend a medical, if you get a clear bill of health you can come back’.’
    • ‘Amazingly, Brian has not always had a full bill of health having undergone a total of 32 operations since birth.’
    • ‘City's head of youth development, Paul Stancliffe, said the squad reported back with a near clean bill of health, with the exception of winger and third-year trainee Kieran Darlow, who has got a niggling back problem.’
    • ‘Logan apologized to the person he put in the hospital by his brutality, and now Logan is anxious for Dr. Balis to give him a psychological clean bill of health.’
    • ‘The clean bill of health for Van der Westhuyzen was accompanied by a similar recovery for reserve fullback Gaffie du Toit, who has been battling with an upset stomach.’
    • ‘He may then give you a completely clean bill of health - or you might get a nasty shock.’
    • ‘A virtual clean bill of health in the City squad - Darren Edmondson, Stephen Brackstone and Gary Hobson are all making progress on the sidelines - was another cause for optimism.’
    • ‘And in other aspects, Bradford fits the bill of health for good fertility levels, having the fewest fast food outlets compared to other cities surveyed and the fewest amount of pubs, with only eight per 100,000 population.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, the major banks are celebrating their clean bill of health.’
    • ‘A clean bill of health is crucial, obviously.’
    • ‘Lydia is given a cleaner bill of health and is not confined to bed.’
    • ‘A sage can explain impermanence but there is no lesson like a bad bill of health.’
    • ‘Now water quality at the three southern ponds has been monitored and given a completely clean bill of health.’
    • ‘Yesterday, I took Lolita to the vet to get a bill of health so I can fly with her on Friday up to Manhattan.’
    • ‘So it is not giving you a totally clean bill of health.’
    • ‘The commission actually gives British banks a fairly clean bill of health, generally praising their services and the availability of credit.’
    • ‘A clean bill of health on Henderson's back is key, though.’
    • ‘We had a brief chat and I explained to him that his site had a clear bill of health (archaeologically speaking) and that he would get the report in the next few days.’
    • ‘Astacio and Baldwin have had recent shoulder trouble but have been given clean bills of health.’
    • ‘He recommended that you get a thorough physical from your doctor and have the doctor give you a ‘clean bill of health.’’
    • ‘Whatever the decision of the committee, it is not going to increase public confidence when the bill of health is given by people who stand to benefit.’
    • ‘A clean bill of health this evening will be more of a hope than an expectation for Smith.’
    • ‘The data collected yesterday at ESA's European Space Operations Centre show that this delicate and risky manoeuvre proved harmless for all instruments on board and mission control specialists gave Huygens a perfect bill of health.’
    • ‘A clean bill of health for Grant Hill next fall would be nice, just to restore some of the hope in what is a near-hopeless conference.’
    • ‘Although giving it a generally clean bill of health, 39 recommendations were made, many of which are wide-ranging.’
    • ‘The report ended a nine-month clean bill of health in a nation that is home to about 13 billion poultry.’
    • ‘The share price, he said, was ‘clearly at odds with the operational bill of health of the business’ and reflected softness in the tech sector.’
    • ‘I knew I should have got a fairly clean bill of health because I'd run SpyBot last week, but I was still surprised by the result Microsoft kicked out, even after I'd updated to the latest definition files.’
    • ‘But Allardyce says Wanderers deserve their clean bill of health for the effort they put into keeping their players at the peak of their fitness.’
    • ‘Bryan smiled proudly and replied, ‘Yes, clean bill of health.’’
    • ‘It has already been investigated and given a clean financial bill of health.’