Definition of A-bomb in US English:



  • short for atom bomb
    • ‘The A-bomb led to much deadlier nuclear weapons.’
    • ‘Beria, caught between wanting to appear as Stalin's ideological apostle and wishing to produce an A-bomb for him, decided he needed clearance from the Boss for the Soviet physicists to use Einstein's equations.’
    • ‘When World War II ended in 1945, shortly after America pushed the world into the atomic age by dropping two A-bombs on Japan, the world also was entering the first true Sci-Fi Age.’
    • ‘Japanese troops were not damaged by the A-bombs.’
    • ‘Defeated in all spheres of warfare, it was shocked into surrender by the dropping of A-bombs in August 1945.’
    • ‘This fusion bomb, the product of fusion at extreme temperatures of heavy isotopes of hydrogen, is many times more powerful than the A-bomb.’
    • ‘Oppenheimer is known to have been anxious to test the A-bomb on Nazi Germany, but the war in Europe was over by the time the breakthrough came at Los Alamos, so he had to settle for annihilating Hiroshima and Nagasaki instead.’
    • ‘The decision to drop the A-bomb remains one of the most scrutinized episodes of World War II, and is the focus of the main special feature on the disc, an extended discussion between two historians, experts on the war.’
    • ‘To get a handle on the full power of the B - 61, consider that the WW II A-bombs produced fireballs about 800 yards across.’
    • ‘Japan knows full well the catastrophic results of the A-bomb…’
    • ‘In 1949, after the Soviet A-bomb test, Truman ordered U.S. development of the hydrogen bomb.’
    • ‘Japan was threatening to defend the home islands to the last man, and Roosevelt had no way of knowing if the A-bomb, his secret weapon, would actually work, as the first one wouldn't be tested until until July 16.’
    • ‘‘Oppenheimer regretted making the A-bomb,’ Garcia said.’
    • ‘Also, he adds, ‘There was speculation about the effects A-bombs and H-bombs on hurricanes.’’
    • ‘Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away from Capitol Hill, deep within the cave-like laboratories of the infamous research centre that gave birth to the A-bomb, scientists have begun work on a new, highly classified project.’
    • ‘This one bomb was smaller in size than the Hiroshima A-bomb but 2500 times more powerful.’
    • ‘My sister's husband Paul, a history buff, said that one of the islands they liberated, Tinian, later became home to the airfield that the Enola Gay took off from to drop the A-bombs on Japan.’
    • ‘When Oppenheimer first dreamed of the A-bomb, he envisioned a team of scientists ‘disappearing into the New Mexico desert for an indeterminate period.’’
    • ‘The A-bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed more than 100,000 people and injured nearly as many.’
    • ‘They also warned that H-bombs could be built that were a thousand times more destructive than the A-bomb.’