[with object]
  • Choose and use particular words in order to say or write (something)

    ‘he words his request in a particularly ironic way’
    ‘a strongly worded letter of protest’
    • ‘Looking at the way the relevant paragraph is worded, I can see how it might be read that way.’
    • ‘We worded a letter in such a way that it was OK for them to let our citizens out.’
    • ‘It was nicely worded, and enough to convince me to stay with the service.’
    • ‘Moreover the survey was worded in such a way as to discourage any other reply, the alternatives being unlikely to attract votes.’
    • ‘It would be aimed at one person, although it would be worded to cover all naturalised Indians.’
    • ‘He told it without any emotion and worded it as if it were coming from a text book.’
    • ‘The reason that I mention it was that it came with a politely worded suggestion that I should change my browser.’
    • ‘She just hated the way her mother worded her problems with people when she spoke to them.’
    • ‘Public opinion on the issue often depends on how the topic is worded and framed in poll questions.’
    • ‘This strongly worded claim is not entirely without justification.’
    • ‘The letter was worded in such a way that made the exam sound like something horrific.’
    • ‘These e-mails should be worded as carefully as any fundraising letter, if not more so.’
    • ‘I could tell he wasn't quite sure the way he had worded it was the way he wanted it to come out.’
    • ‘I guess I should have worded it better and used less background on my post.’
    • ‘His voice was strong and the way he worded things made it sound like poetry.’
    • ‘I ask the nurse for a scribbling pad and a pen and write out a carefully worded resignation.’
    • ‘A strongly worded letter is to be sent to the county council asking for an explanation.’
    • ‘She had to be careful how she worded the question, for fear of upsetting or angering the short-tempered man.’
    • ‘Even so, his boast that we ‘are overtaking the Conservatives’ was carefully worded.’
    • ‘He also asked that an amendment be made to the incitement charge, which he admitted was erroneously worded.’
    phrase, express, put, couch, frame, set forth, formulate, style
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