• A teenager.

    • ‘Finally, support of family and love will greatly help pregnant teens.’
    • ‘Parents have a wide range of reactions when they find out their teen is having a baby.’
    • ‘Courses in parenting teens and toddlers are starting in May.’
    • ‘He was the one that had been in the lead before the black-haired teen had passed him.’
    • ‘There is no magic formula for parenting teens but parents need to talk and listen to their children.’
    • ‘Twenty percent of today's teens have at least one immigrant parent.’
    • ‘The black-haired teen looked behind her in horror as she saw her father emerge from the house.’
    • ‘As a teen, she lived briefly in a foster home, but is now on good terms with her parents.’
    • ‘Today's teens have more opportunities for taking dangerous risks than ever before.’
    • ‘Teaching your teen to drive will take planning, patience, and time.’
    • ‘Teens especially don't want to stand out or seem different because they're sick.’
    • ‘Such meetings also give you the necessary knowledge to talk to your teen about what goes on at school.’
    • ‘The teen was also charged with one count of indecent assault of another boy.’
    • ‘The teen has run away from care several times and has also spent time in psychiatric hospitals.’
    • ‘If a teen is repeatedly threatening to end his or her life he may mean it.’
    • ‘I also think that there needs to be a level of open communication with the parents of the teen.’
    • ‘Mike asked the teen's parents if he could take the boy to the Air Force base for lunch.’
    • ‘The teen gave the evidence to police, who arrested a suspect the next day.’
    • ‘The black-haired teen was glad now that she had saved up so much money.’
    • ‘You write that troubled teens become jaded and often distrustful of adults and authority.’