• 1Design or make in a particular form.

    ‘the yacht is well proportioned and conservatively styled’
    • ‘These cuts define how your pants are styled and designed in terms of fit and how they fall.’
    • ‘This allows users to have text follow an irregular object and can be used for styling text or, for example, naming roads in a diagram.’
    • ‘The car was styled by the new design team.’
    • ‘Has the nation, has Congress, has this administration yet had a belly full of Social Security reform, as the president is styling it?’
    • ‘His trainer says he will soon be ready to design the clothing and style the clients.’
    • ‘Mallya also plans to have his planes styled by India's leading fashion designers.’
    • ‘The game doesn't rely on styling your car to gain kudos and cash, although you'll do better in some races if you stick to a saloon car and splash out on what's under the bonnet.’
    • ‘It's no good just styling the products other people produce.’
    • ‘The automaker, which designed and styled the vehicle in-house at its Gentro Stile facility, decided to meet that goal by developing two completely different cars.’
    • ‘It's no mistake that it looks as exotic as a Ferrari: it was styled in-house by the Nam Yang design team in Seoul who took inspiration from, among other things, the Ferrari 456.’
    • ‘The seats of the magistrates were all behind us and were styled in pew fashion.’
    • ‘At a time when most tract houses were traditionally styled in clapboard or stucco - and not designed by architects - the Eichler stood out.’
    design, fashion, tailor, make, produce
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    1. 1.1 Arrange (hair) in a particular way.
      ‘he styled her hair by twisting it up to give it body’
      • ‘Then, after styling her hair and putting some hair spray into it, she unlocked her door again and opened it.’
      • ‘The 19-year-old wowed the judges by styling her model with a red Mohawk style in the Junior Ladies Fashionable Day Style category.’
      • ‘All he does is spend hours and hours in front of the mirror styling his hair.’
      • ‘Once your hair is completely wet, proceed to drying and styling your hair, as you normally would.’
      • ‘She showered, dressed, dried and styled her hair, added accessories and makeup in an hour and a half before walking out into the light April rain to go to school.’
      • ‘I showered, dressed and quickly styled my hair.’
      • ‘She then proceeded to brush and style her hair with a little mousse to prevent it from becoming too frizzy.’
      • ‘Watch how your hair is styled, what products are used, what kind of brushes, rollers, or styling irons your hairdresser uses so that you can replicate the look yourself.’
      • ‘To finish, he styled the hair with a brush and slightly teased the bangs.’
      • ‘Now that I'm growing it back out to a decent length, I'm going to have to worry about styling it before coming in.’
      • ‘So whether you or a professional are styling your hair, it will be responsive to being brushed, curled, and combed.’
      • ‘She'd spent the day fixing her makeup and styling her hair.’
      • ‘Her hair was styled and dressed and her make-up was carefully applied.’
      • ‘At home, I always ended up trying to put on make up with just a corner of the big mirror as guidance, while Joe spent hours styling his hair.’
      • ‘Her blond hair was styled in two buns on both sides of her head, and her gray eyes were hidden beneath her too-long lashes.’
      • ‘I have two left hands when it comes to styling my hair.’
      • ‘She styled the remaining hair into four-strand braids and then unbraided the ends to create wavy strands.’
      • ‘After I got dressed and started to style my hair, a soft tap was heard at my door.’
      • ‘Her black hair was styled in two adorable pigtails.’
      • ‘He probably had a lot of hair, although it was styled conservatively, tightly curled and kept close to his scalp.’
      groom, arrange, comb, brush, do, put in order, straighten, adjust, preen, primp
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  • 2 Designate with a particular name, description, or title.

    ‘the official is styled principal and vice chancellor of the university’
    • ‘Marsh and Swann team up, styling themselves as ‘the Gilbert And Sullivan of photography’, snapping their clients against imaginative tableau.’
    • ‘The House of Commons, too, was horrified at the notion of a Scottish king styling himself ‘King of Great Britain’.’
    • ‘Sleek modern bikes are aggressively styled with names to match: ‘Pulsar’, ‘Victor’, etc.’
    • ‘Well-known atheist, Richard Dawkins, now styles himself as A Devil's Chaplain, the title of a recent book.’
    • ‘Hersh styles himself an investigative reporter, but he has a history of coming up with ‘scoops’ that can never be verified by anyone else.’
    • ‘A group styling itself, Concerned Parents Against Drugs, claimed responsibility for the attack and said they had seized the drugs from the man they had abducted.’
    • ‘But Wirahad won points with the public by styling himself as a reformer advocating the armed forces' retreat from politics.’
    • ‘Another, styling themselves ‘Kraska’, left a link to a mysterious Russian site.’
    • ‘By the time he was 14, Rod was in a skiffle band with schoolmates from Nunthorpe Grammar, styling themselves the Green Corn Boys.’
    • ‘If his future wife is styled Duchess of Cornwall, she will be taking his name, since that is one of his existing titles.’
    call, name, title, entitle, dub, designate, term, address, label, tag
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