Definition of morph in US English:



  • 1Change smoothly from one image to another by small gradual steps using computer animation techniques.

    with object ‘3-D objects can be morphed into other objects’
    • ‘The screen gets all blurry; when it clears up, the chimp has morphed into a man in a cheap gorilla suit.’
    • ‘In between are funny images of various world leaders morphing into monkeys, devils or pigs.’
    • ‘The system is morphing faster than the program can track, but I'm eliminating the unnecessary code strings.’
    • ‘They were no longer the shape of humans, but had been morphed into huge indescribable creatures.’
    • ‘He has morphed a quirky novel into an enthralling, tender and, crucially, fun piece of cinema.’
    • ‘The video shows the portraits from the wall seamlessly morphing into an unending and hypnotic sequence of heads.’
    • ‘Beautifully filmed, it opens in slow motion on windswept dunes before morphing into shots of an inner-city house.’
    • ‘The child smirked, morphing in a blink to a tall dark-haired man.’
    • ‘Art changes as it develops, sometimes morphing into shapes almost unrecognizable from its origins.’
    • ‘The image morphed to show a snow covered street, facing some kind of large store.’
    • ‘It looks to me like this silliness is rather quickly morphing into being both destructive and self-defeating.’
    • ‘Within the space of a few pages, the comedian morphs from an ambitious, uncaring party animal into a remorseful, spiritual outcast.’
    • ‘The solution was a special effect known as morphing, in which the transitions are visually seamless.’
    • ‘It shows a kite morphing into a ship that sails from a river to the sea and changes into a magnificent galleon, then back into a kite.’
    • ‘Right before my eyes she was morphing into the girl I had first met.’
    • ‘But what was once a sleepy Bohemian beach town is rapidly morphing into an upscale resort destination.’
    • ‘Mortis knew she was caught when the small cat smoothly morphed into a woman.’
    • ‘Suddenly his face morphs completely and he bursts out laughing.’
    • ‘It started out as a thriller, morphed into action and towards the end tried to be a comedy.’
    • ‘Disgusted with his mother's affairs, Walt is dangerously close to morphing into a younger version of his father.’
    1. 1.1 Undergo or cause to undergo a gradual process of transformation.
      no object ‘the cute moppet has morphed into the moody moll of the indie world’


1990s: element from metamorphosis.