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  • Plot or trace on a graph.

    • ‘I went back to my own locker and spent the next hour and a half working on a sheet of old Kinetics equations and graphing exponential functions to get me ready for class.’
    • ‘Distributions of important variables were graphed and summary statistics calculated.’
    • ‘A frequency ranking of student graphing errors indicates that graphing problems are related to a combination of factors involving the software, the student, and the instruction.’
    • ‘In the next graph the monthly price of Gold is graphed versus the U.S. money supply.’
    • ‘The profile summarizes students' strengths and weaknesses and facilitates interpretation of the data, by graphing the scores from the scoring form.’
    • ‘Median scores were graphed by class for all survey administration times.’
    • ‘Some or all of the statistics should be graphed over time.’
    • ‘We carefully examined each of the 134 graphs and tallied errors on a checklist of common graphing errors we developed.’
    • ‘Students can use graphing calculators or computers to solve calculus problems and to explore many different kinds of mathematical behavior.’
    • ‘There are also some related activities, such as organizing the derivative values in a table and graphing the results, that the students perform by hand with paper and pencil.’
    • ‘However, graphing the data this way also further separates the data in the wrong direction.’
    • ‘One fourth grade teacher designed the following mathematics project to incorporate measurement, statistics and graphing.’
    • ‘Time series data such as changes in the elevation of Lake Michigan over the year, or changes in the number of bacteria per ml over a day, should be graphed as a line graph.’
    • ‘Incidentally, I graphed the statistics for US passports issued per year.’
    • ‘I was in my usual spot in the library, graphing an inverse parabola, when a shadow fell over me.’
    • ‘The fourth recommendation advocates the use of mathematical software or graphing calculators.’
    • ‘By graphing these responses, the team worked out the exact size of each subject's working memory.’
    • ‘Specifically, we graphed a 3-day moving average of temperatures.’
    • ‘The data is then graphed in an x - y comparison plot.’
    • ‘Statistical software with graphing capabilities is readily available and easy to use.’
    plot, trace, draw up, delineate
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