Definition of ese in English:


(also ése)


  • (in Spanish-speaking regions) used as a form of address for a man.

    ‘I told him all about you, ese’
    • ‘It's great, ese.’
    • ‘No ese, it's only the best Mexican restaurant this side of the Biscayne Blvd border!’
    • ‘She testified that Gonzalez, sitting outside the store, asked "What's up, ese?"’
    • ‘It ought to be abundantly clear by now that I'm loco, ese!’
    • ‘"I listen to Coast to Coast every night on mi radio, ese," replied Diego.’
    • ‘El Mad Mex: It's merely for effect's sake, puro aesthetics, ese.’
    • ‘Congrats ese...’
    • ‘It's all a big chess game to those fools, ese.’
    • ‘What's so funny ese?’


Mexican Spanish.