[with object]
  • 1Assess or investigate (something)

    ‘they'd scoped out their market’
    1. 1.1 Set the scope of (a projected undertaking)
      ‘it is important that a project is scoped correctly to ensure the budget can be accurately defined’
      • ‘The review process included a series of workshops to scope the safety and technical issues associated with waste and decommissioning.’
      • ‘The Plymouth Operational Group have had several meetings in which it is scoping the details of opening a Community Justice Court (CJC).’
      • ‘Like methods, properties are scoped to their enclosing interface declaration.’
      • ‘At least there was plenty of empty ground on which to scope out a hurried new design.’
      • ‘By highlighting both strengths and deficiencies in current measurement, simulation and algorithm capabilities, the problem can be scoped and key development needs addressed.’
      • ‘My officials are constantly scoping out costs to local authorities.’
      • ‘A ' Futures Team ' is being set up whose purpose is to scope out future innovations for the West Midlands.’
      • ‘Many models of health impact assessment exist, but they all encompass a series of similar steps screening, scoping, impact assessment, policy modification, and, in some cases, evaluation.’
      • ‘"You can end up having to scope your project differently."’
      • ‘A real-life example shows the difficulty of the task faced by planners and traffic engineers when trying to scope the effects of planned traffic changes.’
      • ‘This initial analysis will help you to scope the time and costs involved in advance.’
  • 2North American informal Look at carefully; scan.

    ‘they watched him scoping the room, looking for Michael’
    • ‘I opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed a pair of scissors for protection, and then scoped out the hallway.’
    • ‘Last weekend, we went to the Turners Car Auction to scope it out.’
    • ‘We were late, and he was scoping the room for an empty table.’
    • ‘Both of us laugh as we go to scope out the perfect place.’
    • ‘According to Bradfield, the center is still scoping out the types of collaborative efforts it might pursue.’
    • ‘Then a couple of white guys, hunched over, scoping out the street, looking to score.’
    • ‘The principal of a traditional public school is not charged with coaxing capital funds out of voters, scoping out real estate, or overseeing construction.’
    • ‘Let alone getting 250 grand a year to play a bit of footy, in between scoping the scene at Burleigh Heads.’
    • ‘Grigory was three miles due west of Natalya's position, scoping out the scene.’
    • ‘I liked to scope the situation out and then make my own team.’
    • ‘The old ones who you see on street corners scoping out the little girls that walk by.’
    • ‘Most of those in the off-stage audience were handed invitations by scouters who scoped the city for folks with " the look ".’
    • ‘Having scoped out the space I'm decorating, I now think that I may need around, or above, 700 daisies.’
    • ‘She was fast asleep like a buzzard that had been scoping out prey all day long in a field.’
    • ‘Boat crews toured the St. John's River, memorizing landmarks and scoping out the planned security zones.’
    • ‘They offer online tools for creating business plans, finding venture capital, and scoping out the competition.’
    • ‘Apparently they would pull national parks out of a hat and then go scope them out, pretty cool idea really.’
    • ‘Slattery stiffened, was immediately scoping the area.’
    • ‘I looked over at Jane who was chewing on her straw and scoping the guys in the bar.’
    • ‘Detectives are currently "scoping" the allegations to determine whether a full-scale investigation should be launched.’