• A position of influence with someone powerful or famous.

    ‘he would ensure an in with the nominee’
    • ‘It never hurts to have an in with your head coach.’
    • ‘The notably venerated violinist who gave him an in at the National Theater, where he soon found a niche.’
    • ‘Once you've got an in with the right guys, they don't need to see a full script before, in theory, they start giving you development cash.’
    • ‘The company has an in with the private club in Switzerland.’
    • ‘Tim might have an in with this agent or something because of his dad.’
    • ‘I have never, never had an in at a bar before, where you can cut to the front of the line and get free tabs and stuff.’
    • ‘They knew, from endless meetings and conferences, which people they needed on their team, which people had an in with which interest groups, and who could help them in certain places.’
    • ‘For years, people have begged distant relatives concerning even the possibility of anyone knowing someone who has an in with owner Frank Sr.’
    • ‘For him, an in with the Bush family is worth more than anything lottery players have in their hand’
    • ‘He has an in to the presidential process.’