[WITH OBJECT]informal
  • 1Establish the identity of.

    ‘the Finnish authorities were able to ID him’
    • ‘Police found her body after the attack, but she was misidentified as a woman in her 20s and wasn't positively ID'd until Feb. 3.’
    • ‘Cops grilled the teen who lured Sandy to Plum Beach after they ID'd the youth through the victim's computer.’
    • ‘Paramedics tried to cover him up so onlookers including a TV camera crew couldn't ID him, the Web site claimed.’
    • ‘They were checking tattoo numbers and finally ID'd him and found out it was him.’
    • ‘And they still don't know, in many cases, whether their loved one has been positively ID'd.’
    • ‘The other, a 28-year-old man, suffered minor injuries and ID'd the suspects, who were busted that day and charged with assault, menacing and weapons possession.’
    • ‘We know that his vehicle was ID'd, and that they captured it nearby.’
    • ‘He was beaten pretty badly and with the salt water ... well it took the dental records to be able to ID him.’
    • ‘We need to do everything we can to ID the source without giving him away.’
    • ‘Frazier's grieving mother ID'd her daughter's body at the hospital - but not before performing a touching final act of respect to her child.’
    • ‘And it looks like the Alabama case actually might be a little bit stronger than the cases in Georgia, because we know that he was ID'd at the scene.’
    • ‘Thanks to those sharp-eyed readers who correctly ID'd the Mt. Vernon tree as an American elm.’
    1. 1.1 Ask (someone) to show proof of their age or identity.
      ‘I got ID'd at the bar’
      • ‘I'm told she's 19 but I'm betting she gets ID'd all the time.’
      • ‘I got ID'd, passed over my license, was given raised brows by the doorman who told me I don't show my age (Yes!).’
      • ‘I came back right around 10:00, and at that point, they had two cops in the side stairwell ID'ing everybody coming back in.’
      • ‘Wetherspoons once randomly came and ID'd me as I was sat in their beer garden.’
      • ‘For some, this is simply the next step in identity cards: rather than be ID'd at a bar, you may have your wrist scanned for your birthdate.’
      • ‘I can be ID'd for alcohol one week while being a 40-year-old Donny Osmand fan in another.’
      • ‘So far this year, I've been ID'd at all the usual (clubs, bars) but also buying cigarettes, and a Stanley knife.’
      • ‘So I went to get a pack of Salem Lights and the woman does a double take at me to double check my age, so I lean across the counter and say, "Look I'll give you five bucks if you don't ID me".’
      • ‘Since I haven't been ID'd for drinks since I was 17, I made a pretty fair assumption that I wouldn't need it.’
      • ‘I got ID'd four times going to get coffee yesterday, today they wouldn't even let me walk onto 51st today.’
      • ‘If you're under 30, you get ID'd everywhere.’