Definition of West Coast in US English:

West Coast


  • The western seaboard of the US from Washington to California.

    • ‘That dam would make the West Coast self-sufficient.’
    • ‘The West Coast event is held at Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club.’
    • ‘He worked for the Los Angeles Sentinel in the 1950s and was a West Coast photographer for Jet and Ebony.’
    • ‘I coached a young assistant coach at a major basketball power on the West Coast a few years ago.’
    • ‘My younger daughter just enrolled in a West Coast college, and one of the first things she checked was the school rules.’
    • ‘I lost in round four at Maple Grove, and I was so frustrated that I wondered if I should even make this West Coast trip.’
    • ‘From Baja California up the US West Coast the climate is mild and arid, other than in winter.’
    • ‘We left Christchurch on the main road to the West Coast - State Highway 73.’
    • ‘Two Special Boat Squadrons were set up, with Squadron One on the West Coast and Squadron Two on the East Coast.’
    • ‘He made many contributions to knowledge of the vertebrate and invertebrate fossils of the West Coast.’


West Coast