Definition of Wagnerian in English:



  • 1Relating to or characteristic of the operas of Richard Wagner.

    ‘arduous Wagnerian roles’
    • ‘The composer has mastered completely the art of the Wagnerian leitmotif.’
    • ‘Unfortunately he had a chamber orchestra rather than a large Wagnerian orchestra at his disposal.’
    • ‘In 1919 his debut as Siegmund at Covent Garden established him as a leading Wagnerian tenor.’
    • ‘Overnight she became the pre-eminent Wagnerian soprano of her generation.’
    • ‘The professor's passion was Wagnerian operas.’
    1. 1.1Having the enormous dramatic scale and intensity of a Wagner opera.
      ‘a strategic predicament of positively Wagnerian proportions’
      • ‘He was literally larger than life and had an impossibly dramatic Wagnerian voice.’
      • ‘Our first glimpse of the underwater world, implied through a perspective of giant rings, has a Wagnerian grandeur.’
      • ‘The Wagnerian drama then unfolded: the market crashed, and the car industry collapsed.’
      • ‘This shows philistinism on a Wagnerian scale.’


  • 1An admirer of the German composer Richard Wagner or his music.

    ‘I'm attacked by the Wagnerians who think I am dragging him through the mud’
    • ‘We have a lot of grass-roots support for the project from dedicated Wagnerians.’
    • ‘King Ludwig II of Bavaria built him a home and theatre at Bayreuth, which is still a pilgrimage point for Wagnerians today.’
    • ‘He was well read and well versed in music—something of a Wagnerian—but he didn't throw his cultural weight about, preferring to gently prod the conversation.’
    1. 1.1A performer of the music of the German composer Richard Wagner.
      ‘how she will develop as a Wagnerian remains to be seen’
      • ‘How she will develop as a Wagnerian remains to be seen.’
      • ‘Whatever his weaknesses, he is among the finest living Wagnerians.’
      • ‘His Wotan proves him one of the great Wagnerians of our time.’