Definition of Vulcanian in English:



  • 1Associated with the god Vulcan.

    1. 1.1also vulcanian Associated with metalworking or metallurgy.
  • 2also vulcanianGeology
    Relating to or denoting a type of volcanic eruption marked by periodic explosive events.

    • ‘The August-September 2003 small Vulcanian eruption of Nevados de Chillán volcano has been the first eruption since 1986.’
    • ‘Santiaguito, which formed 20 years after the major eruption of Santa María Volcano in 1902, has had virtually constant explosive Vulcanian eruptions that can be easily observed from a distance of only 1 km.’
    • ‘At least for now, the dangerous Vulcanian eruptions have stopped.’
    • ‘What kind of eruption has resulted from Mt. Fuji (Hawaiian, Vulcanian, Strobolian, or Peleean eruption)?’
    • ‘After a week of intense Vulcanian activity, Shiveluch's activity has decreased again on 28 December 2006, but new explosions can be expected any time.’


Early 20th century: from Vulcano, the name of a volcano in the Lipari Islands, Italy, + -ian.