Definition of Venus flytrap in US English:

Venus flytrap

(also Venus's flytrap)


  • A small carnivorous bog plant with hinged leaves that spring shut on and digest insects which land on them. Native to the southeastern US, it is also kept as an indoor plant.

    Dionaea muscipula, family Droseraceae

    • ‘Her imagery includes a dog and palm tree, a Venus flytrap and butterflies, a William Morris-type gerbera pattern, and a pineapple.’
    • ‘In desperation he travelled to Germany to ‘receive an experimental drug made from the juices of the Venus flytrap plant’.’
    • ‘More morbidly, the Venus flytrap slams two halves of a leaf shut on nutritious insects.’
    • ‘Rachelle had a passion for her son that is right out of Tennessee Williams's play, Suddenly, Last Summer, with its Venus flytrap mother and hypersensitive son.’
    • ‘Further, some plants (sundews, Venus flytrap, pitcher plants) trap mobile animals.’
    • ‘On the way to the airport, he stops to dig up a Venus flytrap plant from the middle of a roadside snake farm.’
    • ‘Mahadevan likened the Venus flytrap's hinged leaves to a plastic lid that is bowed in one direction and then suddenly pops the other way.’
    • ‘There is no one to spot it and the rain turns the grass into a Venus flytrap.’
    • ‘The cover of this one particular magazine is inescapable - inescapable like a Venus flytrap.’
    • ‘The 8th is beautiful but only like a Venus flytrap is beautiful.’
    • ‘The light over the Venus flytrap was dim, but still far more than a dark elf preferred.’
    • ‘The dark elf approached the plant, a Venus flytrap, and released the fly to the air.’
    • ‘She is tomboyish, flat chested, skinny, with lopsided lips and a smile that opens like a Venus flytrap.’
    • ‘Some of these plants resemble Venus flytraps, while others look like large eggplants to which protruding tongues have been attached.’
    • ‘Larger plants, such as the Venus flytrap, rely on elastic instabilities, or spring-loaded force.’
    • ‘How can the Venus flytrap indulge its taste for insect flesh?’
    • ‘Consider the Venus flytrap, the poster child for carnivorous plants: Its jaw-like leaves can ensnare insects in an eye-blurring one-tenth of a second.’


Venus flytrap

/ˈvinəs ˈflaɪˌtræp/