Definition of Umwelt in US English:



  • (in ethology) the world as it is experienced by a particular organism.

    • ‘That is why I was so bowled over by Heidegger's stunning analysis of the Umwelt, the round-about-me everyday world in which ‘I’, in each case, dwell.’
    • ‘As a result, the landscape Muldrow perceives, filtered through his dreams and his Umwelt, is drastically different from that which is visible to most humans.’
    • ‘Although Marin has gone back to the starkness and repetitions of Beckett in Umwelt, her other, newer inspiration is the 17 th-century philosopher Spinoza, whose Ethics she read two years ago.’
    • ‘The archipelago of real times presented to us by the temporal Umwelt does not tend towards the zero of neutralization, of reciprocal dampening, but rather towards explosion and diffusion.’


German, literally ‘environment’.