Definition of Traminer in US English:



  • 1A variety of white wine grape grown chiefly in Germany and Alsace.

    • ‘The word Gewürzt in German means spicy or musky, and Traminer is the grape variety.’
    • ‘Gewurztraminer is a spicy variant of the Traminer grape, now quite successful in France's Alsace, Alto Adige of Italy, and cooler climates of California.’
    • ‘Of the better grapes, Muscat (red and white) was grown on the Rhine and in Alsace, Traminer chiefly in the latter.’
    • ‘They have also invented several completely original formulas; Riesling blended with Traminer grapes to give the wine a nice spicy snap.’
    • ‘The varieties planted were Chardonnay, Traminer and Rhine Riesling.’
    1. 1.1 A white wine with a perfumed bouquet made from the Traminer grape.
      • ‘We were treated to a Chardonnay whose label escapes me as I write this, a Traminer and a Riesling from Turgovishte, a limited edition Melnik from Vinissimo and an Assenovgrad Mavrud by Maxima.’
      • ‘High above the roofs, closer to the sky, enjoy a glass of Traminer.’
      • ‘I ordered a bottle of Traminer first off.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, I was making a pig of myself while drinking Traminer.’


Named after the Italian village Termeno.