Definition of Top 40 in English:

Top 40

plural noun

  • The forty most popular songs of a given time period.

    • ‘We expect so much more from someone who consistently produced the best material in the Top 40.’
    • ‘In one of the objective musical experiments this site is justly famous for, we took the Top 40 best-selling singles of 1981 and of 2000, and then gave them marks out of 10.’
    • ‘As such, the composition of the PM for-fee list, expanded now to the Top 40, has changed a bit.’
    • ‘I'll probably be getting excited about the Top 40 next.’
    • ‘From about 4 to 7 o'clock on I'd listen to to the Top 40 on Hilversum 3, followed by ‘De LP-Show’, which played cool album tracks that otherwise wouldn't have got much airplay.’
    • ‘But now you only have to listen to the Top 40 to know the lunatics are in charge of the asylum.’
    • ‘Lucie is still finding her feet as a solo artist, despite the huge success of her first two singles, which both made it into the Top 40.’
    • ‘… The Internet means exposure, and these days, unless you're in the Top 40, you're not getting on the radio.’
    • ‘The band sounds more polished (less experimental noise mucking) but retains that edge of poetic darkness too alien for the Top 40.’
    • ‘There's always some stuff that I like on the Top 40; I always hear it from my daughters.’
    • ‘As for the music, patrons will hear a mix of about 20 per cent country along with rock, retro and Top 40.’
    • ‘Like the shift from network radio to the rise of independent stations, Top 40 happened quickly, between 1955 and '57.’
    • ‘We'd have waited until Sunday and recorded the songs off The Top 40 if it had been us.’
    • ‘Anyway, the tune itself is actually quite good, a Top 40 song that deserved to be there.’
    • ‘I haven't kept up to date with the Top 40 for years.’
    • ‘I was the vocalist for a Navy band and we did Top 40 stuff, going around on recruiting tours to urban schools.’
    • ‘The thick guitars and heavy-hitting drums may sound exactly like every other hard rock band in the Top 40, but that's the point.’
    • ‘Their style of guitar-driven pop coupled with a strong emotional sincerity has garnered approval from college radio, modern rock stations, and the dreaded Top 40.’
    • ‘I think the traditional Top 40 will continue, but be based on download sales.’
    • ‘And the situation has held quite well (despite a lot of fiddling about what constitutes a ‘single’) so that the Top 40 consists of records more-or-less entirely sold on the basis of a single track.’


  • Made up of, or broadcasting the Top 40.

    ‘a Top 40 countdown’
    • ‘He has been a DJ for more than 20 years and caters to people who don't want the usual Top 40 mix at their wedding, and could provide nearly anything with his impressive music collection.’
    • ‘The Top 40 countdown is at about number six when I flick over, so I get to see what's at top of the charts (which I have given up following for the last year or two).’
    • ‘I'm dropping in the Daypop Top 40, the phone hasn't rung all evening.’
    • ‘Yet anyone who remembers the radio of the 1950s and the '60s can recall a bland mix of Top 40 stations, sports, talk, and pop.’
    • ‘Some may think I'm being hypocritical because I run a Top 40 station, but the truth is there are differences between my station and other Top 40 stations.’
    • ‘Really, he seems just as entranced with celebrity newsanchorhood as any 12-year-old girl is over the Top 40 chart.’
    • ‘To put it bluntly, these bands are giving up their day jobs and making a healthy living without the help of the mass-market and its Top 40 hit lists.’
    • ‘We might listen to a Top 40 station for a few minutes, but even in my own car, I was bouncing around but listening to the country station more often than not.’
    • ‘Personally, I wouldn't mourn the demise of the Top 40 format, but it is that format that makes the nationwide concert tour possible.’
    • ‘Rather than cater to big record labels and Top 40 charts and spend millions researching what they think the targeted audience likes, Indie 103.1 gets back to radio's original ideals.’
    • ‘1973, the summer I became interested in music beyond AM Top 40 radio, I snuck into my cousin's bedroom and went through his albums one at a time.’
    • ‘His musical taste was formed by the eclecticism of AM Top 40 radio from the late '50s through the mid '60s.’
    • ‘They spent their time playing football, riding bikes and listening to Top 40 music on Q105.’
    • ‘I get bored easily so I'll turn up the Top 40 music and even break out a book.’
    • ‘I always prided myself on being on the outside, ahead of the trends and definitely never listening to Top 40 radio.’
    • ‘We're moving closer to No.1 in our preseason Top 40 countdown.’
    • ‘He remembers a time when the neighborhood was actually a far rougher-edged place and when the Spaceland site served as a Top 40 club - and gang magnet.’
    • ‘When she's not in the perfume factory, club hopping or filming her reality series ‘The Simple Life,’ Hilton has also recently recorded an album and her first single is already a hit on Top 40 radio stations.’
    • ‘That was the time when funny records could be regularly heard on Top 40 radio, which is what most young Americans listened to at that time.’
    • ‘The teens were sick to death of the fluff they heard on AM Top 40 radio, brought to them by grown-ups.’