Definition of States General in US English:

States General


  • 1The legislative body in the Netherlands, consisting of an upper and a lower house and meeting at The Hague.

    • ‘During the republican era the States-General (De Staten Generaal; the Dutch parliament) used a red flag with a yellow/golden lion.’
    • ‘Incidently, the first States General seal was of the 17 United Netherlands, adopted in 1559, in which the lion clinched 17 arrows (pointing downwards) in his left paw.’
  • 2historical The legislative body in France until 1789, representing the three estates of the realm (i.e., the clergy, the nobility, and the commons).

    • ‘Then there is the United States General Accounting Office - Congress' watchdog.’
    • ‘The States-General opened on May 5, 1789, at Versailles.’


States General