Definition of Sothic in US English:



  • Relating to Sirius (the Dog Star), especially with reference to the ancient Egyptian year fixed by its heliacal rising.

    • ‘Of Meyer's four Sothic dates, the oldest has been abandoned and there is uncertainty about the second.’
    • ‘Thus, no calculation of a New Year's Day starting point can be made, and this Sothic date is of no use.’
    • ‘He takes as a starting date the end of the New Kingdom, calculated from the disputed Sothic date referred to above.’
    • ‘It is quite consistent with both the Sothic and the eclipse-based dating of the Egyptian New Kingdom chronology.’
    • ‘Each ‘hundred’ years is thus one Sothic cycle, one procession of the constellations.’


Early 19th century: from Greek Sōthis (from an Egyptian name of the Dog Star) + -ic.