Definition of Smithfield ham in US English:

Smithfield ham


  • A dry-cured ham produced near Smithfield, Virginia, from hogs that have fed on hickory nuts, acorns, and peanuts.

    • ‘This town has long been famous for Smithfield ham, that salt-cured, ruby-hued delicacy that defines the flavor of Virginia.’
    • ‘However, Virginia can't produce enough hogs to make her famous Smithfield hams and has to get the majority of them from North Carolina.’
    • ‘Virginia hams or Smithfield hams are universally recognized to be the country's finest, and serving these hams with red eye gravy is a regional specialty.’
    • ‘The world-famous Smithfield hams are first dry salted cured, spiced, and slowly smoked to perfection using oak, hickory, and apple wood and then aged for nearly a year.’
    • ‘It is said that the best Smithfield hams are made from hogs that are partially peanut-fed.’