Definition of Siemens in English:


proper noun

  • A German family of scientific entrepreneurs and engineers. Ernst Werner von Siemens(1816–92) was an electrical engineer who developed the process of electroplating, devised an electric generator that used an electromagnet, and pioneered electrical traction. His brother Karl Wilhelm(1823–83) (also known as Sir Charles William Siemens) moved to England, where he developed the open-hearth steel furnace and designed the cable-laying steamship Faraday. Their brother Friedrich(1826–1904) applied the principles of the open-hearth furnace to glassmaking.

Definition of siemens in English:


(also S)


  • The SI unit of conductance, equal to one reciprocal ohm.

    • ‘Since 1860 to the middle of 20th century, siemens or siemens mercury unit, was the unit of electrical resistance.’
    • ‘If you're looking for a pattern here, Siemens, Celsius, and Hertz are all surnames of famous scientists, the names of which, sadly, tell us less about the nature of the units than the units' original designations.’


1930s: named after K. W. von Siemens.