Definition of Siamese twins in English:

Siamese twins

plural noun

  • dated term for conjoined twins
    • ‘It's connected, but it's definitely not Siamese twins.’
    • ‘Studying them might provide some insight into the survival issues faced by Siamese twins.’
    • ‘Two-headed snakes typically occur in the same way that Siamese twins do.’
    • ‘I felt tears cloud my eyes again; it was like someone took away a Siamese twin.’
    • ‘She always seems to attach to you as if you two were Siamese twins!’
    • ‘There are other tales, too - of giants, lycanthropes, armed robberies that don't go as planned, secret missions, Siamese twins, and fishing expeditions.’
    • ‘Beneficiaries of Taiwan's new computerized lottery include two Siamese twins who made headlines in 1979 when they were successfully separated by a surgical operation.’
    • ‘Global capitalism and revolution are like oil and water, but in hip-hop they're akin to Siamese twins.’
    • ‘By the way, the doctor tells me the Siamese twins, who made all of this famous, I guess, had 20 kids between them, right?’
    • ‘Sitting on nine lotus and nine leaves are seven Siamese twins in various positions, mimicking religious poses.’
    • ‘Gentlemen, I ask you: can Siamese twins survive unattached?’
    • ‘An internationally renowned surgeon who earlier this year refused to participate in an operation to sacrifice one Siamese twin to save the other last night said such surgery would be unlikely to succeed.’
    • ‘After they did their act, the theaters had them come back on stage to dance with Daisy and Violet Hilton, who were Siamese twins.’
    • ‘That cold flaccid substratum is made up of sponge-like tissue: leaves or flowers like Siamese twins soldered together elbow to elbow.’
    • ‘Then we'll go to school on Monday stuck like Siamese twins and then everyone will know about us.’
    • ‘We were like Siamese twins until she moved to Vermont in fifth grade.’
    • ‘They're called Siamese twins after Chang and Eng Bunker.’
    • ‘Fathered by an aristocratic closeted gay actor, raised in Hollywood on bright lights and birthday cake, Sylphid is her mother's self-hatred incarnate, her psychological Siamese twin.’
    • ‘We walk off close together, so close we looked like Siamese twins and I looked back and the girls were looking at me with the ugliest face.’
    • ‘The Siamese twins even became self-possessed men and ‘made it’ in America.’
    constant companion, inseparable companion, alter ego, second self, siamese twin
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Early 19th century: with reference to the Siamese men Chang and Eng (1811–74), who, despite being joined at the waist, led an active life.


Siamese twins

/sīəˌmēz ˈtwinz/