Definition of Scotswoman in English:



  • A female native or inhabitant of Scotland, or a woman of Scottish descent.

    • ‘What he had to do was vindicate himself in the eyes of all Scotsmen - and maybe one particular Scotswoman - and he did it gloriously.’
    • ‘A 110-year-old Scotswoman was yesterday named the UK's oldest person, and greeted her accolade with the words: ‘God alone knows why I've lived so long.’’
    • ‘If you're a pioneering, high-achieving Scotswoman, what extraordinary standards of human endeavour are required before you qualify for a statue?’
    • ‘But in adding gold in Athens to her victory in Sydney, Robertson became the greatest ever Olympic Scotswoman.’
    • ‘A handful of Scotswomen provided some of the most energetic of the suffrage campaigners who harried the government.’