Definition of Scaphopoda in US English:


plural noun

  • A class of mollusks that comprises the tooth shells.

    • ‘According to Engeser & Riedel, during the Devonian, the conocardoid rostroconchs gave rise to the Scaphopoda, which therefore are technically Rostroconchia (in the same way that birds are dinosaurs).’
    • ‘There are approximately 900 species of Scaphopoda, commonly called tusk shells.’
    • ‘The assemblage of Bivalvia, Gastropoda and Scaphopoda contains 24 species, of which 13 are considered new, and is unequivocally the best-preserved Cretaceous molluscan fauna from the Australian region.’
    • ‘Recent evaluations of morphological and paleontological data as well as 18S rRNA sequences alternatively conclude that Scaphopoda is the sister group to Cephalopoda.’
    • ‘It is also now generally thought that they were ancestral to the Cephalopoda and Scaphopoda as well.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek skaphē ‘boat’ + pous, pod- ‘foot’.