Definition of S level in US English:

S level


  • (in the UK except Scotland) an examination, or a pass of one, typically taken together with an A level in the same subject, but having a more advanced syllabus.

    • ‘To achieve the A - grade students would have to answer the type of questions at present in the Advanced Extension Awards, which replaced S level.’
    • ‘They managed the Additional Maths well enough, found the 'A' level paper very difficult indeed, and the 'S' level was utterly beyond them.’
    • ‘To add to my bewilderment a handful of students were jettisoned at the end of the first year for failing retakes, many of whom had S levels to their name.’
    • ‘At the time, because I wanted to go to Oxford, I had to sit an "S-level" as well.’


Abbreviation of Special level or (formerly) Scholarship level.


S level

/es ˈlevəl/