Definition of S & L in US English:

S & L


  • Savings and loan.

    • ‘The consequence was an exponential rise in the cost of the S & L bailout, along with other bank problems and an impaired financial system.’
    • ‘The young newlywed couple borrows more against their house from an S & L in Plano, Texas whilst their retired parents are in theory adding to their deposit balances.’
    • ‘We watched the post 1987 crash ‘easy money’ period fuel real estate bubbles that culminated with the S & L and banking crisis of the early 1980s.’
    • ‘The GSEs themselves, even if they adhere to the Pax Congressional, will have capital levels far below those of the failed S & L's of the 80's.’
    • ‘While it never garnered much attention, the huge losses associated with the S & L and bank failures during the early 1990s were actually quite easily monetized.’