Definition of SWAT team in English:

SWAT team


  • 1A group of elite police marksmen who specialize in high-risk tasks such as hostage rescue.

    • ‘Wilson was forcibly removed by an armed SWAT team.’
    • ‘An elite SWAT team is dispatched to help clean up the mess, but they get more than they bargain for.’
    • ‘The local SWAT team has ample experience in taking down small, protected buildings.’
    • ‘They invited a guest speaker, a member of a nearby police department's SWAT team.’
    • ‘Within 20 minutes, a SWAT team in dark-blue body armor had stormed in, barred the doors, and duct-taped the vents.’
    • ‘Elite SWAT teams and riot police were also deployed in the area.’
    • ‘He then grabbed the backpack, sprinted down the hallway, and now the SWAT team is trying to evacuate that building and search for the individual.’
    • ‘In the confusion of the firefight the SWAT team had killed six mall guards and wounded two police officers.’
    • ‘Another fire truck pulled up to the curb, bringing 3 police trucks with it as well as a dog SWAT team.’
    • ‘It was later revealed that the attack was carried out by six members of the Cincinnati Police Department's elite SWAT team and an Ohio state trooper.’
    • ‘Regular patrols are supposed to be provided by the Czech army base near the factory, and an elite SWAT team is rumoured to have been stationed on site to protect against intrusions.’
    • ‘He was a member of the SWAT team, a recipient of the Metropolitan Police Medal of Valor, and he is a graduate of Northeastern University.’
    • ‘A few police officers in SWAT team uniforms quickly enter the base along with Detective Worfle.’
    • ‘He has also served as chief executive officer of the Pima Health Care System and as a police officer with the Pima County Sheriff's SWAT team.’
    • ‘There were several police cars with a SWAT team.’
    • ‘Tell me the primary goal of why you brought so many SWAT teams into New Orleans?’
    • ‘The warehouse still had blood splatters on the walls from where arms dealers had been shot down trying to keep from being arrested by shooting at a SWAT team.’
    • ‘Originally a boot-string entity within the Los Angeles Police Department, the SWAT team consisted of officers who furnished much of their own equipment, including their own weapons.’
    • ‘A misguided Ericsson team-building exercise almost wound up at the sticky end of a Greek police SWAT team.’
    • ‘The government soon sent in police SWAT team reinforcements, known as CIMO, and retook control of the town.’
    1. 1.1Any group of specialists brought in to solve a difficult or urgent problem.
      ‘an economic SWAT team that aims to bolster the region's hunting and outdoor recreation industry’
      • ‘This made the SWAT team's job very difficult indeed.’
      • ‘In March, Schrempp sent a SWAT team headed by Andreas Renschler, former head of Daimler's Smart division, to design the third turnaround plan in four years.’
      • ‘The middle of the night may find a SWAT team of counselors calming down a dorm wing after having crisis-managed an acute manic episode or yet another incident of self-mutilation.’
      • ‘Former Oakmont superintendent Mark Kuhns assembled a SWAT team of 12 workers assigned to different tasks, with headlights showing the way.’
      • ‘RFI brings in a SWAT team of top-flight engineers to work side by side with its partner companies, helping them cut time to market.’


1980s: acronym from Special Weapons and Tactics.


SWAT team

/ˈswät ˌtēm/