Definition of Russophile in US English:



  • A person who is friendly toward or fond of Russia, especially someone who is sympathetic to the political system and customs of the former Soviet Union.

    • ‘This rich, authoritative biography is written by an American Russophile who knew him personally.’
    • ‘The Hermitage is filled with European art, real and copied, yet the Tsars who built the collection were themselves Russophiles.’
    • ‘In addition, the book, while occasionally based on primary sources, such as interviews, is written by an admitted Russophile, and is sparsely documented.’
    • ‘Despite being a confirmed Russophile, Rod is willing shoestring Scarborough to defeat the rouble-rousers Chelksi on Saturday.’
    • ‘Darrow, a longtime Russophile, lived in Russia when it was still the USSR.’
    • ‘I've heard this story a hundred times; as an old Russophile I am well acquainted with the story.’
    • ‘To fans of Cold War-era espionage thrillers, it is a place where effete Russophiles in homburgs and trench coats meet to exchange briefcases and bodily fluids.’
    • ‘If a Russophile is elected, they can get by with Russian assistance (which Putin would be happy to provide).’
    • ‘Despite being politically inactive, he was accused of being a Russophile and was even framed for organising a plot against the prime minister.’
    • ‘My last few posts on the subject notwithstanding, anyone who knows me can vouch for my credentials as a long-standing and ardent Russophile.’
    • ‘When boutiques on London's Diamond Row heard about the shindig at Kensington Palace next month, where Russophiles and a selection of oligarchs will gather to hear the Prince's aims, they all wanted to be associated.’
    • ‘In the British government the Russophiles were in a minority and in February 1909 Edward VII undertook a state visit to Berlin.’