Definition of Rules Committee in US English:

Rules Committee


  • 1A legislative committee responsible for expediting the passage of bills.

    • ‘These events failed to inspire the House of Representatives; therefore, the Civil Rights Bill continued to languish in the Rules Committee.’
    • ‘At a Rules Committee meeting last Friday, it was agreed unanimously, with all parties present, that the opposition, as a collective, should choose two candidates.’
    • ‘The rules are made by the Lord Chancellor, after consultation with the Rules Committee, the composition of which is set out in Section 413.’
    • ‘After passage, bills go to the Rules Committee, where committee members determine whether to place the bill on the calendar to be heard before the entire House.’
    • ‘Bills concerning revenue and which have received a favourable report from the House Ways and Means Committee bypass the Rules Committee and go straight to the full House.’
    • ‘Also in Washington is Congressman David Dryer, chairman of the Rules Committee, member of the House Republican leadership, Republican of California.’
    • ‘He's chairman of the powerful Rules Committee.’
    • ‘The Florida Republican has been appointed to the Rules Committee, which helps schedule bills for the House to consider.’
    • ‘Historically, bills have been given a three-day delay in between the time the Rules Committee reports them out and the House takes them up; that requirement has been waived on numerous occasions in recent years.’
    • ‘Frost, 62, is the senior Democrat on the Rules Committee (and in line to be chairman if his party regained a House majority).’
    • ‘The ranking Democrat on the Transportation Committee came before our Rules Committee and he talked about the fact that he has changed his view.’
    • ‘‘Our Rules Committee is currently engaged in rewriting the constitution, and our national executive is proposing to broaden membership and revoke this rule,’ he said.’
    • ‘An additional loophole allows the Rules Committee to set standards for release of receipts.’
    • ‘It will be sent to the Rules Committee for further consideration in next legislative session.’
    • ‘‘I wish to thank and compliment the Rules Committee and Mr. Justice Peter Kelly for their hard work on this initiative to bring about major legal reform,’ he added.’
    • ‘Dreier is the Chairman of the powerful Rules Committee of the House of Representatives.’
    • ‘As it went through the Rules Committee, the proposed bill has had its language changed from ‘cause serious harm to self or others’ to ‘engage in dangerous conduct.’’
    • ‘Among other findings was that the Homeland Security Committee has very strong ties to the Rules Committee.’
    • ‘If a committee reports a bill that the majority leadership opposes, central leaders may even persuade the Rules Committee to deny a rule altogether.’
    • ‘He's a member of the House Homeland Security Committee and chairman of the Rules Committee.’
    1. 1.1rules committee The body of people charged with overseeing the rules of an athletic league.
      ‘the NCAA football rules committee considers unsportsmanlike acts to be the game's no. 1 problem’
      • ‘Camp was responsible for most major rules innovations as a leader of the Rules Committee, including the number of players and field dimensions.’
      • ‘Larry is also a National Director for the American Paint Horse Association and is currently serving on the Rules Committee.’
      • ‘Under pressure, it changed its structure at the beginning of this year to admit women onto its rules committee.’
      • ‘At some point in the near future, the National Football League rules committee will be forced to consider adding the the rule to its list of regulations.’