Definition of Rhodophyta in US English:


  • A division of lower plants that comprises the red algae.

    • ‘The 10 eukaryotic sequences were composed of three Metazoa (two mammals, one nematode), three Viridiplantae, one Fungi, one Rhodophyta, one Reclinomonas, and one Entomoebidae.’
    • ‘Eukaryotic Group I introns are often found today in Rhodophyta and other Eukarya, largely confined to mitochondrial genes.’
    • ‘As mentioned, the clade Plantae is a bit more inclusive and also includes Rhodophyta and certain ‘green algae’ which are treated in the Eukarya section.’
    • ‘No differences were found either with or without Rhodophyta and/or Glaucopyhta, demonstrating that the constraint on the monophyletic origin of Plantae had no significant influence.’
    • ‘Introns occur frequently within the Chlorophyta, but within the Rhodophyta, Bangia, Porphyra, and Hildenbrandia are the only genera currently known to contain introns.’


Modern Latin (plural), from rhodo- ‘rose-colored’ + Greek phuta ‘plants’.