Definition of Reichsmark in US English:



  • The basic monetary unit of the Third Reich, replaced in 1948 by the Deutschmark.

    • ‘In addition, Greece claimed repayment of a further 500 million Reichsmark, which had been paid by the Greek central bank to the German occupying force in 1942 as an ‘enforced loan.’’
    • ‘It cost millions of Reichsmarks and employed 36,000 extras - which made it, at the time, a landmark in epic cinema.’
    • ‘In early 1942 Kodak's branch in Spain imported items from Germany worth at least 17,000 Reichsmarks.’
    • ‘After they made it out of the extensive mob of passengers they exchanged their Reichsmarks for Francs.’
    • ‘Personal belongings such as watches and trinkets were distributed or sold to SS personnel, but many valuables - including gold bars and currency - worth millions of Reichsmarks were also collected.’