Definition of Red Guard in English:

Red Guard


  • 1Any of various radical or socialist groups, in particular a militant youth movement in China (1966–76) that carried out attacks on intellectuals and other disfavored groups as part of Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution.

    • ‘In some areas the activities of the Red Guard got out of hand.’
    • ‘They were fearful that should the Red Guard discover such bourgeois items in their possession they would be arrested.’
    • ‘It so happened that the wrath of the Red Guard was directed against ‘intellectuals,’ loosely defined as anyone who had any pretensions to learning.’
    • ‘But in several countries overseas we can see mass working class and peasant militia which come out of the same tradition as the Paris Communards and the Red Guard in 1917.’
    1. 1.1 A member of one of the Red Guard groups.
      • ‘The Palace was then surrounded by Red Guards and those in it were told to disperse.’
      • ‘Her parents were imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution, and she was brought up by Red Guards as a child of the Revolution, not regarding her parents as her family.’
      • ‘By 1967, matters had escalated to near anarchy as student Red Guards terrorized the streets, and from 1968 the military was called in to restore order.’
      • ‘Failure to produce a copy upon being asked could bring on a beating by the Red Guards.’
      • ‘Then Red Guards destroyed hundreds of monasteries during the Cultural Revolution.’


Red Guard

/ˌred ˈɡärd/