Definition of R & D in US English:

R & D


  • Research and development.

    • ‘The device is suited for a variety of material testing tasks in R & D and quality assurance.’
    • ‘The R & D group had to be more commercial and business orientated to help the company meet the challenges posed by the market.’
    • ‘These students are making a valuable contribution to the R & D programmes in the Institute.’
    • ‘It has been operating a sizable R & D centre in Bangalore for several years now.’
    • ‘Wired has a roundup of some of the most advanced R & D in the field of human-like robot development.’
    • ‘I think it's just a matter of time now before they look to shift the R & D over to some of the Asian countries.’
    • ‘So that line is sustaining its own R & D to refine and extend the capabilities of that product.’
    • ‘Worryingly, the company has no plans to increase its R & D spending.’
    • ‘Mr Cawley did not see R & D as the answer to the current dilemma and saw overcapacity as the real bugbear in the system.’
    • ‘We pour millions into our R & D and that ensures that our architecture will be around for decades.’
    • ‘Government might also subsidize private R & D, directly or by means of tax incentives.’
    • ‘At the heart of GSK's plans would be a central R & D hub coordinating research in a number of satellite centres.’
    • ‘What is the extent of business collaboration in R & D with local universities?’
    • ‘Moreover, schools have not maximized the potential of the R & D that has been done.’
    • ‘Twenty years is, quite often, more than enough time for any drug developer to recoup their R & D costs.’
    • ‘More than one hundred companies around the world have set up their R & D centres in India just during the last five years.’
    • ‘Strategic R & D funding for renewable energy has been almost entirely abandoned.’
    • ‘We offered him a position within our R & D department and he accepted.’
    • ‘By working together to carry our R & D, both sides benefit from the sharing of knowledge and experience.’
    • ‘At the time the building was also home to the R & D department for the whole worldwide organisation.’