Definition of Prince Consort in US English:

Prince Consort


  • The husband of a reigning female sovereign who is himself a prince.

    ‘the list of names was approved by the Prince Consort’
    ‘the death of Albert, Prince Consort’
    • ‘Would her highness, Queen Cleopatra care to dine with her prince consort? ‘he asked.’’
    • ‘Queen Victoria had to create a special title, prince consort, for her husband.’
    • ‘In Britain duelling came to an end after 1843 when Colonel Fawcett was killed by his brother-in-law Lieutenant Munro, leading the prince consort to insist that the Articles of War be changed to prohibit meetings.’


Prince Consort

/ˌprɪns ˈkɑnˌsɔrt/