Definition of People's Republic in US English:

People's Republic


  • Used in the official title of several present or former communist or left-wing states.

    ‘the post-war Polish People's Republic’
    • ‘The Communist Party founded the People's Republic of China in 1949.’
    • ‘Even in the generally unmemorable competition programme, one of the best films came from the People's Republic.’
    • ‘They were all marked with the red star in white circle logo of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.’
    • ‘No longer does it see the People's Republic as merely a manufacturing base.’
    • ‘There is another sad cry from the People's Republic of Berkeley here.’
    • ‘He proclaimed the country a communist People's Republic.’
    • ‘Can the world's largest retailer find true happiness with the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China?’
    • ‘The Korean War confirmed American hostility to the Chinese People's Republic and support for the regime on Taiwan.’
    • ‘The lease for the New Territories ended in 1997, whereupon the whole colony reverted to the People's Republic of China.’
    • ‘The People's Republic of China was integrated into the low-income group as the twenty-first poorest country in the world.’
    • ‘A spectacular example of remarkable progress at country level is the People's Republic of China.’
    • ‘This is the single most deadly incident since the founding of the People's Republic in 1949.’
    • ‘China remains an empire, but it now trumpets itself as a nation, a People's Republic.’
    • ‘One of the tributes came from the central committee of the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China.’
    • ‘Showing was a serial about the fall of the Qing Empire and the gradual move towards the People's Republic.’
    • ‘But with home backing in Beijing, there is every chance the People's Republic will be top of the pile in 2008.’
    • ‘The Official Homepage of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, can be found here.’
    • ‘It refused to recognize the communist People's Republic of China for over two decades.’