Definition of Pennsylvania Dutch in English:

Pennsylvania Dutch

(also Pennsylvania German)


  • 1A dialect of High German spoken in parts of Pennsylvania.

    • ‘By ‘smear-case’ he meant Smierkase, a Pennsylvania Dutch term.’
    • ‘I quickly made a virus called Heevahava, the name being a Pennsylvania Dutch pejorative for a simpleton, colloquially - a farmhand given the job of harvesting sperm from a bull.’
    • ‘The Amish speak English, German, and a dialect known as Pennsylvania German or Pennsylvania Dutch.’
  • 2as plural noun the Pennsylvania Dutch" or "GermansThe German-speaking inhabitants of Pennsylvania, descendants of 17th- and 18th-century Protestant immigrants from the Rhineland.

    • ‘The other semi-disturbing thing I saw in the museum was a portrait of a Pennsylvania Dutch farmer and his dog from the 1700's.’
    • ‘It continues at Atco Raceway, Mason-Dixon Dragway, and Lebanon Valley Dragway and ends at Maple Grove Raceway with the Pennsylvania Dutch Classic.’
    • ‘What you see there is a Pennsylvania Dutch product known as scrapple.’
    • ‘And make sure you stop for some Pennsylvania Dutch cooking.’
    • ‘The tasting took place in Pennsylvania Dutch country at The Farmhouse Restaurant.’


Dutch from German Deutsch ‘German’.


Pennsylvania Dutch

/ˌpɛnsəlˈveɪnjə ˌdətʃ//ˌpensəlˈvānyə ˌdəCH/