Definition of Panhellenic in English:



  • 1Of, concerning, or representing all people of Greek origin or ancestry.

    • ‘Herakles' twelve labors are set in both Peloponnesian and distant locales, choices suited to a Panhellenic sanctuary, the site of Panhellenic games, and visitors and votives from all over Greece.’
    • ‘In the 6th century, the Pythian games were established as a Panhellenic festival.’
    • ‘Moreover, scholars suggest that the foundation or reorganization of previously existing Panhellenic games in the sixth century B.C. was a response to the development of hoplite warfare and the need for trained bodies.’
    • ‘Victors at the Olympic games enjoyed a renown unmatched in the ancient Greek world: it was the most prestigious of the Panhellenic games.’
    • ‘The theoroi of each polis conducted ritual acts in the Panhellenic sanctuaries in the name of that polis.’
    • ‘The final settlement of Greece involved a difficult war against the Spartan ruler Nabis, nominally as head of an almost Panhellenic alliance.’
    • ‘For Plato, Aristotle, and the Greeks of their time, history begins with the conflict between Greece and Troy, a ‘splendid Panhellenic expedition against an Eastern foe, led by kings.’’
    • ‘The huge Panhellenic festivals held at Olympia, Delphi, Nemea, and Isthmia attracted spectators and professional contestants from throughout the Greek world.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to, advocating, or denoting the idea of a political union of all Greeks.
    2. 1.2 Of, concerning, or representing all college fraternities and sororities.
      • ‘While joining a hometown Panhellenic group is helpful, it is not a prerequisite to participating in recruitment.’
      • ‘She also confirmed the dates for Destination Iowa State in August, inquired at the Panhellenic booth and registered as a student parishioner with a local church.’
      • ‘Zeta Tau Alpha is the third largest National Panhellenic Group with over 187000 initiated members and 237 chapters.’