Definition of October in US English:



  • The tenth month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the second month of autumn.

    ‘the project started in October’
    as modifier ‘on an October night’
    • ‘Some Octobers have been particularly rough sledding for the stock market.’
    • ‘City have failed to win in three games since Todd was named October manager of the month.’
    • ‘It was a cold October night and the wind was howling and it had started to spit with rain.’
    • ‘During the last two Octobers we had seven flight Class A mishaps and killed eight Airmen in ground accidents.’
    • ‘In October a reader asked if I could think of a way of earning some money at home.’
    • ‘The centre would open from April to October each year and by appointment at other times.’
    • ‘A decision on the hospital is due to be taken by the trust at its October meeting.’
    • ‘To that end the council will hold a ballot of tenants in September or October this year.’
    • ‘Mild Septembers, kind Octobers - they build up this strange meteorological goodwill that seeks you through the bleakest February.’
    • ‘It turned out to be the only ring Bouton won, because New York fell to the Dodgers and Cardinals, respectively, the next two Octobers.’
    • ‘Last October the company decided they wanted to close the scheme to new entrants.’
    • ‘In October a general amnesty was declared for all who had taken up arms against the Republic.’
    • ‘By October she was back to the No.1 spot in the rankings and her career was back on track.’
    • ‘They've completely lost my December, shifted my November and given me two Octobers instead.’
    • ‘But I do wonder what happened to the kids I met a few Octobers ago.’
    • ‘Fresh or canned, they can help keep you healthy for many Octobers to come.’
    • ‘In October 2002 Evans pounced on the youngster as he went to the shops to buy a pint of milk.’
    • ‘By October the next year all salvage was abandoned and she became a total loss.’
    • ‘Two of his first four wins came against the Yankees, the team that knocked the Mariners out of the playoffs in each of the past two Octobers.’
    • ‘By October the Americans had heard of the project and asked for the details and an engine.’


Late Old English, from Latin, from octo ‘eight’ (being originally the eighth month of the Roman year).