Definition of Nordic walking in US English:

Nordic walking


  • A sport or activity that involves walking across country with the aid of long poles resembling ski poles.

    • ‘Exercise intensity is determined by upper body effort, so people of differing fitness levels can walk and talk together, whilst working to their own level with Nordic walking.’
    • ‘Nordic walking is also a versatile workout.’
    • ‘The origins of Nordic walking are directly linked to cross-country skiing.’
    • ‘She got really excited about it, and Nordic walking became part of our daily lives.’
    • ‘People also take up Nordic walking for therapeutic reasons.’
    • ‘Nordic walking is best practised on fairly smooth and level paths.’
    • ‘They can organise lift passes for the summer hiking lifts as well as guided walks, 5 per week, and Nordic walking.’
    • ‘I remembered the Nordic walking - why not try it?’
    • ‘Andrew Dugmore, who took up Nordic walking two years ago, believes the activity has an as yet undiscovered potential for the agricultural community.’
    • ‘Nordic walking originally started in Scandinavia to help maintain summer fitness levels for cross-country skiers.’
    • ‘Experts say that Nordic walking is better than regular walking because it forces you to move your upper body more, providing mobility, flexibility and a higher caloric burn.’
    • ‘So today I read about a hot new exercise craze called "Nordic walking."’
    • ‘What I had seen was a form of exercise known as Nordic walking.’
    • ‘We are adapting ski schools for the summer, with downhill biking and Nordic walking instead.’
    • ‘Nordic walking is lower impact than running, easier on the knees and joints, but still a good cardiovascular workout.’
    • ‘All this makes Nordic walking a good training option for anyone with dodgy knees, as well as being useful for rehabilitation after sports injuries.’
    • ‘As a diversion, we took a lesson in Nordic walking, a form of exercise that is becoming increasingly fashionable.’
    • ‘From an off-season ski-training activity, then called ski-walking or ski-striding, Nordic walking has evolved into a year-round activity in its own right.’
    • ‘For the moment, I am happy with my relaxed, instinctive Nordic walking, even if I'm not burning off that 46 per cent extra calories.’
    • ‘"Nordic walking is very popular on the Continent but it hasn't quite caught on here yet," says Andrew.’