Definition of Nenets in US English:



  • 1A member of a nomadic people of Siberia, whose main traditional occupation is reindeer herding.

    • ‘His wide knowledge of legal and oil issues helps him defend the traditional livelihood of the Nenets.’
    • ‘From the old northern nomad tribes come Nenets, Evenks, Dolgans - fishermen and reindeer herders.’
    • ‘There, the traditional clothing worn by the Nenets as well as their country foods diet struck the visiting Inuit.’
    • ‘Reindeer herding among the northern Nentsy includes the year-round pasturing of reindeer under the supervision of herders and the use of herd dogs and reindeer-drawn sleighs.’
    • ‘The lamb-To community was established for those Nenets who did not join collective farms during the Soviet period.’
    • ‘With no professional cast the directors have told us seven stories that make an unusual chronicle of the twentieth century for Nenets, the nomadic people living in the north of Russia.’
  • 2The Samoyedic language of the Nenets.


The name in Russian.