Definition of Myomorpha in US English:


  • A major division of the rodents that includes the rats, mice, voles, hamsters, and their relatives.

    Suborder Myomorpha, order Rodentia

    • ‘He analyzed the amino acid sequence data of proteins and arrived at the conclusion that guinea pig may constitute an outgroup to Myomorpha (rats, mice, hamsters) and primates (humans).’
    • ‘Still other families of the Myomorpha include the dormouse, jumping mouse, and jerboa.’
    • ‘The rate of nucleotide substitutions in mice and rats is known to be higher than in other mammal groups; these results suggest rate changes within the lineage of Suborder Myomorpha.’
    • ‘They placed them within Myomorpha based on derived cranial characters.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek mus, mu- ‘mouse’ + morphē ‘form’.