Definition of Moro in US English:


nounPlural Moros

  • A Muslim inhabitant of the Philippines.

    • ‘The Moro in the south maintained a separate culture that predated the Islamic and colonial periods.’
    • ‘Although the Moros belonged to 13 cultural-linguistic groups, Islam gave them a sense of common identity and often set them at odds with their Christian Filipino neighbors.’
    • ‘Postwar disorder took years to suppress; sporadic military campaigns against bandits, rebels, and Muslim tribesmen, or Moros, continued until 1913.’
    • ‘During the fourteenth century, Islamic Arab traders arrived; their descendants, the Moros, populated the southern islands and remained militant Muslims.’
    • ‘The Moros are Muslim tribes people who inhabit central and western Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines.’
    • ‘The Spanish nicknamed the Philippines' Muslim inhabitants the Moros, a corruption of the word Moors.’
    • ‘With his credentials as colonial administrator solidly established, Wood was next sent to the Philippines and given the thankless task of subduing the Muslim Moros of the southern islands.’


Spanish, literally ‘Moor’.