Definition of Mediterranean fruit fly in US English:

Mediterranean fruit fly


  • A fruit fly whose larvae can be a serious pest of citrus and other fruits. Native to the Mediterranean region, it has spread to other regions including the US.

    Ceratitis capitata, family Tephritidae

    Also called medfly
    • ‘To fight outbreaks of the Mediterranean fruit fly, or medfly, states like California and Florida rely on shipments of millions of sexually sterile medflies reared in laboratories.’
    • ‘One of the most notorious agricultural pests is the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata.’
    • ‘In 1996 we detected Mediterranean fruit flies in one of our traps.’
    • ‘The Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata is a major pest of many important agricultural products.’
    • ‘The Mediterranean fruit fly, commonly called the medfly, is one of the world's most destructive agricultural pests.’