Definition of Marine Corps in US English:

Marine Corps

proper noun

  • A branch of the US armed services (part of the US Navy), founded in 1775 and trained to operate on land and at sea.

    • ‘He applied for officer candidate school in the Marine Corps and enrolled in graduate school at Harvard until called.’
    • ‘The Marine Corps agreed, awarding him a Combat Action Ribbon for his performance.’
    • ‘The Marine Corps has leased the 100,000-square-foot building at Imeson International Industrial Park in North Jacksonville.’
    • ‘After drifting around for a few years, McQueen joined the Marine Corps in 1947.’
    • ‘The Marine Corps would have a role in any conventional conflict, but its main purpose would remain to respond to crisis whenever needed.’
    • ‘I shuddered when a Marine Corps general promised we would be adopted by his men and strike up lifelong friendships.’
    • ‘Fred, a major in the Marine Corps, was recalled to the zone with a group of field grade officers at the end of last year.’
    • ‘After two false starts in college, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps so he could fly helicopters during the Vietnam War.’
    • ‘But Donaldson envisions an agency modeled on the Marine Corps, capable of responding rapidly to crises.’
    • ‘One of them was a Marine Corps veteran.’


Marine Corps

/ˌməˈrin kɔr//ˌməˈrēn kôr/